Fishing Rods

Berriedale, 7011 TAS Berriedale, 7011 TAS
tackle, waders, hooks, holders and more. Mostly brand new.
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  • Fishing Gear
    nets x 3, floats, lines, bouys.
    Moonah 7009 TAS
  • Portable Fish Finder Depth Sounder Set
    Eagle Magna 3 fish finder/sounder suitable for tinnie, canoe or kayak. This is a complete set which is portable and can easily be moved from your tinnie to your canoe and then to your kayak. I have used this on a 3.4m tinnie and on a canoe prior to that. Runs on its own compact 12volt battery so doesn?t need to be wired in anywhere. The sensor/probe just clamps onto the back of the boat/canoe and hangs down in the water. The length of the probe hang-down can be changed to suit just about any shape vessel. Comes with 2x batteries (they don?t hold as much charge as they use to now that they are a few years old but still usable- if you ever need a new battery, they cost around $30 from jaycar and you usually get around 3-5 years life out of them) Call me on my mobile for more info.
    Holland Park 4121 QLD

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